NOTE: There will be no SNC meetings during the summer. Meetings will resume in August.
River Grove Park Boardwalk
Meetings resume
August 19

7:00pm at the new Kingwood Community Center

Welcome to the
Kingwood Super Neighborhood Council

A forum for ideas to improve Kingwood

MORE THAN A DECADE AGO, former Mayor Lee Brown established a series of “super neighborhood” councils throughout Houston. This experiment in grass roots government was designed to push decision-making as far down into communities as possible.

Kingwood’s Super Neighborhood Council solicits input from members of the community on capital improvement and other projects that will improve the quality of life and public safety in Kingwood. Annually, we convey the wishes of the community to the City of Houston department heads in meetings hosted by the City Council Representative. Amy Tran, who also attends our meetings.

Happy Kids in the Pool

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