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Metro Service

 Increasing Metro Service to Kingwood with a Local Small Bus Circulator System


Implement a feeder network of small buses or vans that would let people take public transportation to local destinations.

Why this is important:
Houston has not met federal air quality standards and faces significant penalties from the Federal Government as a result. These include the loss of more than $1 billion in transportation funding. Local industries may also be prohibited from receiving air quality permits for new business development and expansion.

Cars ferrying people to locations in and around Kingwood can drive as many miles in a year as those driving downtown. To reduce pollution from these vehicles, we urge Metro to consider offering a system of small buses or vans that could circulate people from neighborhoods to local destinations like Lone Star College, the hospitals, airport, retirement homes and commercial centers.

This circulator system would benefit everyone, but especially the very young who cannot drive or who cannot afford vehicles, and older people with reduced mobility.


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