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Flood Control

 Controlling Floods by Creating Adequate Detention Upstream


Work with Montgomery County and the State of Texas to ensure adequate detention upstream from Kingwood and adequate regulation of sand mines along the east and west forks of the San Jacinto River.

Why this is important:

Upstream development without adequate detention has the potential to cause downstream flooding. Roofs, driveways, streets and parking lots give rainfall no opportunity to soak in. As a consequence, water reaches drainage ditches faster and rises faster.

The unregulated mining of sand along the San Jacinto River results in an increase of sedimentation in the river reducing its carrying capacity and causing it to overrun its banks during heavy rain events.

Go to the Reduce Flooding website for the latest information on the efforts to reduce flooding in the Kingwood/Humble area.


As East Montgomery County builds out and the density of development increases in Porter and New Caney, Kingwood could be affected. We encourage Montgomery County, the City and the Harris County Flood Control District to work together to understand and mitigate the impact of upstream development.

Establishing adequate detention and setback guidelines should help protect private property, roads and bridges from flooding in both Montgomery and Harris Counties.



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